One of the advantages of being messy is that we are constantly making exciting discoveries.

It was a stupid of modern civilization has ceased to believe in the devil, when he is the only explanation for it.

In unanimity there is a portion of enthusiasm, one of convenience and a last disinformation

The people are good. The elite is bad. But if the people are so good, why it does not change the elite, so bad?

I realized clearly that several times I have an opinion when I lie down and another opinion when I get up, especially when I am or how little tired.

In fact no man can be happy unless it is serious. Happiness is so serious and practical as sadness, if it is not more.

The world of reality has its limits. The world of imagination has no boundaries.

Life is not uncommon in show situations where the reality seems more unlikely than the fantasy.

Utopia and constructive criticism is necessary: it anticipates the reality of tomorrow.
When something is a utopia, but from the moment he wonders about his future or the possibility of its actualization? Leave it aside, the revolution has no future, and much less precise than the past. Think of the event, in her case.

What characterizes utopia is to provide an aspiration that exceeds the individual that made, and the immediate time, to be an aspiration of many, and for many, a future time.

What is utopian is not the result of the perception of secret dimensions of reality, an outcrop of energy contained in advancing the expansion of the horizon of possibilities open to man?

The academies are several seeds of mediocrity, and opposed strong obstacles to the blossoming of innovative temperaments. The acquisition of personal style it usually start when it violates the canons of conventional thought and expression.