I have forgiven almost unforgivable errors,
I tried to replace irreplaceable
and forget great people.

I did things on impulse
I already disappointed with people
I never thought it would disappoint me,
but also have disappointed anyone.

Already embraced to protect,
have laughed when I could not,
made friends forever,
and friends that I never saw.

I loved and was loved,
but has also been rejected,
I loved and not loved.

I screamed and jumped of happiness,
I have lived in love and I swear eternal
and broke the face many times!

I have cried while listening to music and viewing photos,
have called just to hear a voice,
fell in love with a smile,
already thought was going to die so nostalgic
and I was afraid of losing someone special (and ended up losing).

But I lived!
And still alive!
Not step in life.
And you should not pass!


Well it is going to fight with determination,
embrace life with passion,
lose with class
and win with boldness,
because the world belongs to those who dare
and life is "very" to be insignificant.